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PT. Hemel Electric

Temperature Controller-Digital Proses controller

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E5[ ] R
Digital controllers that offers high-speed, high-precision and multiple I/ O and uses a 5-digit, 3-row LCD display for high visual clarity. Easy setting can be achieved using support software on models with communication functions. E5[ ] R Series include E5AR and E5ER model.

E5[ ] R-T
Programamble Digital Controller that creates up to 32 programs with up to 256 segments total. Coordinated operation for up to four channels with one Digital Controller. 0.01 ; High resolution for Pt input. High-speed sampling at 50 ms. Product lineup includes E5AR-T and E5ER-T.

E5[ ] K
1/ 4( E5AK) , 1/ 8( E5EK) and 1/ 16( E5CK) DIN size available. Advanced PID self-tuning for Heat only or Heat/ Cool control. High accuracy with 100 ms input sampling. Water-resistant with IP66 front panel protection. Support remote set point and serial communications interface.

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