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Maspion Plaza Lt. 9 - Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya Kav. 18, Jakarta
Indonesia 14420

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Detail Relay OMRON

MK-S New Model NEW! General-purpose Relays featuring mechanical indicator and lockable test button. RoHS compliant. UL approval for most models.
G2RS, The G2RS space-saving power plug-in relay has a mechanical indicator and nameplate as standard features. A relay with a lockable test button is also available.
G2RV Non-Bendable! First 6-mm relay with strong mechanical pins. Large plug-in terminals for easy connection. LED indicator and mechanical flag to check operation. Transparent housing enables checking relay condition. Slim outline to save space.
G9EA / G9EC DC power relays that interrupt high-capacity DC loads and high-voltage DC circuits in a compact, low-noise design. A leader in clean energy with compact, quiet, energy-efficient designs.
MY New Model Versatile and function-filled miniature power relay for sequence control and power switching applications.
MYK Magnetic latching relay ideal for memory and data transmission circuits.
LY Compact, general-purpose 15-A and 10-A relays ideal for many applications.
MK-I / MK-S Exceptionally reliable general-purpose relay features mechanical indicator/push button.
MM Power relay with stable contact reliability and long life.
MMK Low power consumption due to mechanical latch for economic operation. Latching relays with mixed coil specifications can be produced. Operational response fast enough to enable pulse signal power application.
G2R General-purpose PCB-mounting power relay with high switching capacity at 16A.
MY4H Hermetically sealed relay ideal for hazardous locations.
G2A-434 Fully sealed version of G2A that displays its power in adverse environments. Exhibits stable performance in an adverse atmosphere of harmful gas, moisture, or powdery dust due to its hermetically sealed construction.
G2AK Magnetic latching version of G2A ideal for sequence control.
G7T Slim-styled I/O relay saves space in panel.
G2A Highly Reliable, 4-pole Miniature Relay Ideal for Sequence Control.